SoCal NEGT Symposium 2016

2016 Southern California Symposium on Network Economics and Game Theory

November 4-5, 2016

University of California, Los Angeles

Program (tentative)

Friday, Nov. 4, 2016

8:30am Continental Breakfast / Attendee Check-in Begins
(Location: California Center for Population Research, UCLA)

9:00-10:00am Keynote 1

(Session chair: Jacob Foster)

Brian Uzzi, Northwestern University

Informational Combinatorics and High Impact Ideas in Science and Technology

10:00-10:20am Break (Location: CCPR, UCLA)
10:20am-11:10pm Lightning Talks 1

(Session chair: Shaolei Ren)

8 student talks (5min each)

Rachel Cummings, Caltech
Juba Ziani, Caltech
John Pang, Caltech
Xiao Fu, USC
Mohammad A. Islam, UC Riverside
Daehyun Kim, UCLA
Yu Cheng, USC
11:10-11:30pm Break (Location: CCPR, UCLA)
11:30-12:30pm Keynote 2

(Session chair: Jacob Foster)

Scott Page, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Game(S) Theory: Behavior in Context

12:30-1:40pm Lunch (Location: CCPR, UCLA)
1:40-3:10pm Session 1

(Session chair: Shaolei Ren)

Laura Doval, Cowles, Yale University/Caltech
Sequential Information Design
(joint work with Jeff Ely)

David Kempe, USC

Moritz Meyer-ter-Vehn, UCLA
Recruiting Talent
(joint work with Simon Board and Tomasz Sadzik)
3:10-3:30pm Break (Location: CCPR, UCLA)
3:30-5:00pm Session 2

(Session chair: Laura Doval)

Jacob LaRiviere, Microsoft Research
Node versus Hub Electricity Price Impacts of Renewables and Optimized Trading Algorithms

Luciano Pomatto, Caltech
Testable Forecasts

Marek Pycia, UCLA
Obvious Dominance and Random Priority
(joint work with Peter Troyan)
5:00-7:00pm Poster session & drinks (Location: CCPR, UCLA)

Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016
9:00am Continental Breakfast / Attendee Check-in Begins
(Location: CCPR, UCLA)

Keynote 3

(Session chair: Adam Wierman)
R. Preston McAfee, Microsoft

Frontiers of Market Design

10:30-10:50am Break (Location: CCPR, UCLA)
10:50am-12:20pm Session 3

(Session chair: Gabriel Rossman)

Matt Goldman, Microsoft Research
Optimizing Parameters for Preferential Auctions with a Weighted Regression Discontinuity

Luyi Gui, UCI
Design Incentives under Collective Extended Producer Responsibility: A Network Perspective

Eric Rice, USC

12:20-1:30pm Lunch (Location: CCPR, UCLA)
1:30-2:20pm Lightning Talks 2

(Session chair: Jacob Foster)

8 student talks (5min each)

Li Song, Caltech
Jun Zhang, Caltech
Marcelo Fernandez, Caltech
Shiva Navabi, USC
Pranav Sakulkar, USC
Ruixin Qiang, USC
Hawraa Salami, UCLA
Byeong-hyeon Jeong, UCLA
Nicholas Doran, UCLA
2:20-2:40pm Break (Location: CCPR, UCLA)
2:40-4:10pm Session 4

(Session chair: Eric Rice)

Shai Vardi, Caltech
Minimally Disruptive Dynamic Fair Division

Kimon Drakopoulos, USC
Information Obfuscation in Games of Strategic Experimentation

Gabriel Rossman,UCLA
Moral Reactions to the Obfuscation of Disreputable Exchange
(joint work with Oliver Schilke)